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Rock Ridge Farms, a family-owned venture founded in 2001 by JR Nazelrod and his father, commenced its journey with a humble beginning, starting with just one cow and a calf on an 11-acre property complemented by a workshop, garage, and an apartment. Initially focused on establishing a cow and calf operation for beef sales, the farm steadily expanded and evolved over the years.


At its peak, the farm's herd flourished to over 60 black angus cows, necessitating the rental of more than 200 acres of lush grazing pastures and an additional 150 acres dedicated to hay production, yielding an impressive 800 round bales. In a significant milestone, JR acquired contiguous acreage in 2017, which was later graced by his marriage to Kate Nazelrod amid the panoramic beauty of the mountains and meadows in 2018.

Presently, Rock Ridge Farms boasts an extensive property spanning over 21 acres, supporting a herd of approximately 20 cows including calves and a bull. The farm strategically allocates 50 acres for hay crop cultivation, complemented by a well-equipped fleet catering to the operational needs. Anchored to its foundational principles, the farm remains committed to its core operations of cow management and hay harvesting while diversifying its offerings by hosting special events on its scenic top pasture, promising a tranquil and picturesque setting for memorable occasions.

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